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  • Mitigate risks associated with robberies
  • Monitor custodian behaviour inside ATM cubicles
  • Resolve transaction disputes by matching snapshots taken in front of ATM to transactions logged on the ATM
  • Track visitor traffic in branch offices and identify persons of interest through the use of facial recognition
  • Gather business Intelligence data through video footage being made available in the cloud and analytics be viewed from anywhere
  • Protect and secure your network of ATM’s
  • Reliably protect property, staff and customers


Protect Assets and Cash
Improve Customer Service
Manage Smarter

Mitigate Risks associated with Robberies

Receive real-time triggers with associated snapshots to visually verify possible intrusions:

  • The Secutel Visual Verifier is the most successful intruder detection system for banks in the market today.
  • Control room operators have to deal with exceptions only
  • Unequalled battery backup for up to 72 hours ensures constant availability of the intrusion detection system
  • Low bandwidth usage ensures not only an affordable solution but also high performance and quickest delivery of event details to the control room
  • Dual SIM GSM secure APN data communication ensures more than 99,7% network availability

Monitor Custodian Behaviour inside ATMs

Manage and monitor the behaviour of custodians servicing your ATM network in real-time:

  • Allow only authorised persons to enter an ATM cubicle/room at authorised times of the day
  • Access control using card and PIN, finger print biometrics and/or facial recognition
  • Use your existing access control system and integrate it with our visual verifier for ATM solution which will monitor the custodian behaviour measured against your business rules
  • Limit the time spent inside the ATM cubicle in order to mitigate risk.
  • Automatically arm the alarm panel when no movement is detected (as defined in the bank’s business rules)
  • Detect ATM and/or ATM Vault door status (open/closed, locked/unlocked) and enforce that business rules are adhered to.
  • Analyse productivity of custodians.
  • Allow for ATM sites to be placed into maintenance mode for the maximum time allowed for by the bank
  • Automatically arm the site when maintenance time has expired or when no movement is detected inside the ATM room/cubicle

Identify Hotspots (Activity Heat Maps)

The hot spot/cold spot detection tool for banks is designed to gauge visitors in different areas of a branch office. Based on the video received from your exiting surveillance cameras, the detection tool determines where visitors stop as well as how long they linger. The ratio of total stops at a place of interest to the total period observed is reflected in the visitor activity value for the place in question

Video Surveilance with Analytics : Live and /or Recorded

The SecuVue Bank Analytics allows creating a video surveillance system with an unlimited number of cameras, servers, and operator and administrator workstations. Equipment can be connected to video servers via a LAN or over the Internet. Remote management and administration allow setting up a central monitoring hub for collecting information from all of your branch offices.

Affordable Facial Recognition and Analytics in the Cloud

Get to know your clients and acknowledge their presence or detect other persons of interest in your branches or in front of your ATMs. The SecuVue Cloud with our new range of Cloud Video Recorders make it feasible from a cost of bandwidth and data processing point of view to capture and analyse faces even from remote ATM sites.

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