Secure Access Control via Mobile Phone

Enterprise grade Cloud-based Access Control with no need for access control cards, finger print readers, tags or keys

Move Into the Future

Mobile access credentials are a secure way for authorised key holders to access a particular location. The registered mobile-enabled employees can enter into a specific physical location with a few clicks on their phones. As opposed to printed identity cards and physical documents, mobile access control offers a more convenient experience for both workers and administrators. Use fingerprint on smart phones and/or PIN number on any mobile phone with Bluetooth. 

Integrate with Security and Camera Systems

The NOKEY solution integrates with the Secutel Visual verifier and SecuVue systems – which enables visuals of all entries and exits. It can also be configured to automatically arm or disarm the intruder detection systems.   Monitor door open/closed and door locked/unlocked statuses with automated alarms at all times.

Secure and easy to manage

Advantages of Secutel NoKey include ease of operation, improved security, and remote control of any specific location from the cloud. 

All accesses are managed and logged in the cloud with an administrator granting and revoking mobile credentials. 

Ease of use

NoKey uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology which takes care of the process of pairing between the authorised mobile phone and the NoKey door controller. A secure Bluetooth connection can be established from the distance of a few metres giving it a noticeable edge over traditional RFID card technologies, which have a read range of about a few centimetres.

Why Cloud for Door Access?

  • You don’t need a local server! All your data is hosted on a secure remote server, which eliminates maintenance and training costs.
  • Free, over-the-air security and new feature updates.
  • Free technical assistance from a professional dedicated support team.

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It is simple to use yet totally secure

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