Wonder how AI can help safeguard the Oil & Gas Industry?
Join our webinar with Nuva on January 28, 2021 2 PM CST to get an insight into the latest security and safety technology innovations.
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This year promises to be bright, intensive and productive.
Let 2021 bring us new ideas and discoveries, which will help us make our lives and businesses safer and better. Explore the features that can make your business move to a new level of efficiency: https://t.co/AoY2guDfw9

As more than half of the world's population lives in cities, urban security has become a crucial public policy issue. Learn more about #AxxonNext #SafeCity solutions for Lima, Peru: https://t.co/qwLKNiAsVI

As 2020 comes to an end, and we all look to the bright and safe future of 2021, #AxxonSoft would like to congratulate you with the upcoming new year. Let the coming year bring us great news and success in all our endeavors. We wish you Happy Holidays! https://t.co/S5aME1OFr7 AxxonSoft_EN photo

#AxxonSoft and #AC&NC™ have become Technology Partners. Together, we’re meeting the growing demand for dependable video surveillance platforms that offer advanced capabilities and exceptional affordability.Learn more: https://t.co/QiUzHZliv5

Dear friends!
We’re glad to announce that #AxxonSoft has released updated version of #AxxonNextVMS 4.4.4.
Many thanks to AxxonTeam!
Learn more: https://t.co/6TTzsPqmXw.

“With the cloud, individuals and small businesses can snap their fingers and instantly set up enterprise-class services.”

#MatrixComsec presents smartly designed COSEC VYOM that equips different sized businesses, achieve more #productivity and #security.
https://t.co/EAWl3YKk4n https://t.co/n00Fx75WW1
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Unsure about opting for an Access Control Solution at your premises?
#AccessControl Solution is about having the right person, in the right place at the right time.

Watch this video to re-think the whole process, with Matrix COSEC Solutions.

Extensive measures are adapted to safeguard the banking sector, right from foolproof solutions to several guards holding guns!
However, there is a dire need for technology-based solutions to replace the manual processes.
Read to know why: https://t.co/D8r8UdzuWo

Matrix shows how contactless  #security and  #unifiedcommunication solutions help your company to stay a step ahead at ensuring hygiene in pandemic. 
Read More:  https://t.co/BaMAiAmh5G
#AccessControl  #TimeAttendance  #IPVideoSurveillance
#Telecommunication  #MatrixComsec https://t.co/OBGaJCU8d3
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Matrix presents COSEC COGNIFACE INTEGRA200 - mark your attendance within a split second!
Deploying the latest contactless technology, it provides optimal throughput while ensuring the utmost level of security.
Watch: https://t.co/AmVokEuyFU
#Security #TimeAttendance #MatrixComsec https://t.co/ZdEbcwLoiE

Need a solution that answers your modern #Security needs?

Matrix #CentralizedVideoSurveillance solution is the exact match for modern enterprises. A smart and collaborative solution that focuses on safety as well as compliance.

Read more: https://t.co/IAp7cj2eyM
#MatrixComsec https://t.co/qlnhnRRzaW
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Is your IP Camera making your surveillance smarter?

If not, switch to Matrix #IPCameras for better video surveillance with a smart streaming feature and save on storage.

Watch: https://t.co/1KaygwFDrC
#MatrixComsec #IPVideoSurveillance

Missing Object Detection is one of the most prominent highlights of our #IPVideoSurveillance solution. From marking a specific area for supervision to getting notifications in case of a threat, we have it all covered.

Know more: https://t.co/g4L29z9fIE
#MatrixComsec #IPCameras https://t.co/UGG7tRFByI
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Did you know how a manufacturing #giant in #Maharashtra monitors multi-locations with ease?

They chose Matrix #IPCameras & #NVRs for a hassle-free central monitoring solution.
Read more: https://t.co/UCvWlZmYaY
#MatrixComsec #IPVideoSurveillance #CentralizedVideoSurveillance https://t.co/9mpUmNcbf9
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Want your business to respond proactively to threats?

Switch to Matrix #VideoManagementSolution and ensure that your business proactively responds to threats, with advanced video analytics.
Read more: https://t.co/nMmxdttAaa
#MatrixComsec #IPVideoSurveillance #Security

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