Enable a smarter and safer world with #AxxonSoft and #AxisCommunications. This joint solution based on #Axis network cameras and the #AxxonNext #VMS can cut server expenses for video analytics and much more: https://t.co/Q2OPZt7b4S

With the help of the #Bosch, #Hikvision, and #Sunell cameras running on #AxxonNext, the security personnel of #VaalMall in South Africa can meet unique security challenges that occur due to the size of the building: https://t.co/IG1yHM2P0F

Learn more about the #GreenStream feature, which enables displaying more cameras on one client while saving bandwidth and client #CPU resources. Book a personal demo and learn more: https://t.co/h70y4taHDJ https://t.co/xnqUHFzg7z

Try fully customizable solutions with #AxxonNet #MobileClients free apps for #iOS and #Android.
Learn more on #AxxonSoft cloud solutions and book a personal demo: https://t.co/gJJpeXEFyn

#AxxonNext combines innovative technologies and experience with deployment at tens of thousands of sites, and #SantaHelena municipality is no exception. The Axxon Next platform featuring #LPR has strengthened the public security: https://t.co/HegqwiXIy2

Ensure smarter and safer living with #AxxonSoft and #COMMAX Solutions. AxxonSoft’s intelligent #VMS and #PSIM along with #smartdevices and network solutions from COMMAX: https://t.co/7sOVoZGyUo

Matrix COSEC PATH is a series of compact and efficient Door Controllers, designed to cater to the modern-day requirements of any organization, the RFID credentials, are one of the reliable alternatives!
Read More: https://t.co/yDKINUAW1h
#Security #MatrixComsec https://t.co/u3w0ynGQfu

Enhance security and accessibility with Matrix COSEC ARC DC200S.
A #DoorController based on the IP-to-the-door concept eliminates heavy cabling for Access Control applications and connects your #Security gears with complete ease!
Watch: https://t.co/Gqydpw4HMW

Matrix COSEC ESS is a web portal that allows employees to view their attendance and shifts, check their leave details, apply for leaves and more!
And personnel can authorize leave applications & plan the work schedules of their subordinates.
#MatrixComsec https://t.co/tPlLUlwRi2
Matrix_COSEC photo

Adopting new processes to automate cafeteria management is essential. Manual processes are time-consuming and need more employees.
Read to know how a cafeteria management solution can make a difference: https://t.co/UVYcUHybOo
#CafeteriaManagement #CanteenManagement #MatrixComsec

Matrix COSEC DOOR PVR is one of the most advanced Door Controllers that uses infrared light to map the unique palm vein structure, capturing millions of data points!
Read more: https://t.co/I5Jxlnlje9
#TimeAttendance #MatrixComsec #AccessControl https://t.co/8KuT9l2SEU
Matrix_COSEC photo

Matrix_COSEC photo
Matrix Comsec @Matrix_Comsec
Is your business enterprise a safe place?

#AccessControl solutions are the need-of-the-hour to ensure so.

#MatrixComsec presents a free webinar on 15th Apr’2021 by its experts to give you a better grip on the same.
Register now at https://t.co/jjwXm8alWJ https://t.co/ylellPx1VT

Are you always on the move to monitor security?

Matrix #NetworkVideoRecorders (NVRs) can cascade and connect up to 20 devices on a single network that saves you from commuting unnecessarily.
Visit: https://t.co/6jdbTm9iW0
#MatrixComsec #IPVideoSurveillance #Security https://t.co/33CrqG3YJx
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Ensure real-time security with Matrix #IntelligentVideoAnalytics to detect threats and send instant notifications such as Video Pop-Up, Email with Snapshot, Audio Buzzer, and SMS.
Know more: https://t.co/mpLDOFdDYn
#MatrixComsec #IPVideoSurveillance #IPCameras https://t.co/G2Fs4zmvYZ
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Address all the security needs of your enterprises with Matrix SATATYA - a comprehensive range of world-class IP Video Surveillance solutions.
Know more: https://t.co/MVLY3stBAR
#IPVideoSurveillance #MatrixComsec https://t.co/KuUagFyrTN
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Are you looking for a way to condense parking issues and streamline them? Manage your parking effortlessly with the Matrix Parking Management solution.
Visit: https://t.co/TMYlcaBodk
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Traditional cameras lose crucial details while rendering only black and white images with IR light. Matrix #IPCameras are powered with Sony STARVIS sensor, rendering detailed images even in the dark.
Visit: https://t.co/CKYsaMnW1g
#MatrixComsec #IPVideoSurveillance https://t.co/wE6lWaDZwJ
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In need of a solution to minimize your vehicle cataloging efforts?

Taking 65ms for a cycle, Matrix #ANPR is one of the quickest engines to read vehicle registration plates. Manage vehicle movement and electronic toll collection with #MatrixComsec
Watch: https://t.co/1Xhi3Perw9

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