Secutel – Trusted in Security Technology for more than a Decade


  • Monitor customer activity
  • Track visitor traffic
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Prevent theft and fraud
  • Reliably protect property, staff and customers

SECUVUE: The affordable solution for Facial Recognition and video analytics in the cloud.


Protect Assets and Cash
Improve Customer Service
Manage Smarter

Visitor Counting & Queue Length Monitoring

Get real-time information on how busy cash registers are, allowing you to:

  • optimize staff working schedules,
  • redesign floor layouts if necessary, and
  • calculate the necessary number of cash registers based on actual customer demand. Improve customer satisfaction by quickly reacting to changes in the checkout area and activating additional cash registers.Perform both short-term and long-term management of human resources based on historical data on cash register loads during certain time periods, seasons, days of the week, etc.

Monitor POS Checkout Transactions

The data from the cash register is analyzed to check for suspicious events, theft, fraud, etc. Any retailer knows about the kinds of events that can serve as “red flags” – here are some of the most common situations:

  • Fraud with credit and discount cards.
  • Theft of cash disguised as giving change.
  • Failure to print a receipt or ring up part of a product.
  • Change in receipt contents in favor of the cashier.
  • Barcode swapping with a cheaper product
  • Unauthorized use of the discount option.
  • Ruses that allow accomplices to carry goods out of the store without paying.
  • Cancellation of a receipt (canceling a sale) after the customer pays, pocketing the money.
  • Acceptance and pocketing of a returned product without ringing up the refund transaction.
  • Use of fake credit card slips.
  • Fake refunds / returns

Identify Hotspots (Activity Heat Maps)

The hot spot/cold spot detection tool in Retail Intellect is designed to gauge visitor interest in different areas of a store: stands, showcases, shelves, advertising areas, etc. Based on the video received from cameras, the detection tool determines where visitors stop as well as how long they linger. The ratio of total stops at a place of interest to the total period observed is reflected in the visitor activity value for the place in question

Video Surveilance with Analytics : Live and /or Recorded

Retail Intellect allows creating a video surveillance system with an unlimited number of cameras, servers, and operator and administrator workstations. Equipment can be connected to video servers via a LAN or over the Internet. Remote management and administration allow setting up a central monitoring hub for collecting information from all of your chain’s stores.

Affordable Facial Recognition and Analytics in the Cloud

Get to know your clients and acknowledge their presence in your stores – even if they are not buying anything that day. The Secutel Cloud service with SecuVue Cloud Video Recorder make it feasible from a cost of bandwidth and data processing point of view to capture and analyse faces even from remote sites and smaller shops.

Axxon Retail References in South Africa

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