Workforce Tracking and Management in Real-Time

Monitor Guards from anywhere in the World.

With the SECUTRAQ Cloud Platform, is designed for use by security command centers and control rooms of any size. It allows easy scheduling and management of late arrivals and early abscond from sites, route and guard tour planning and management, incident and event monitoring and management linked to Standard Operating Procedures and escalation of events where and when required – all in accordance with user-defined business rules.

Time and Attendance

With the SECUTRAQ, Time and Attendance is an automated process. We use features like Geolocation and Geofencing, Bluetooth Beacons, NFC, RFID, iButtons and Biometrics to record when a guard arrives on a site or leaves a site. When a site has a Secutel Visual Verifier or SecuVUE installed, automated snapshots of the guard can also be sent to the command centre control room – where for example verification of attendance and dress code adherence can be monitored (based on business rules)

Responsive Design and Live Dashboard

Monitor using browser with live dashboard on your PC (or Tablet) from anywhere in the world.

Business Rules

The site owner defines the business rules and SOP’s associated with triggers and events.

Scheduling & Attendance

Easily set up schedules for sites, guard tours and routes and let SECUTRAQ manage it for you.

Geolocation and Tracking

Know where your workforce is at all times. Track in realtime and report on geofence entry and exit triggers. 

Updates & Fixes

You will always be using the latest versions of the software – which is automatically updated in the cameras in the field (when they are online) and also the cloud monitoring platform.

User Roles

Strict user access control structures ensures that all aspects of the system and associated data remains protected. Users can only view and work with data that they the site owner allow them to do.


Reduce paperwork through realtime monitoring of incidents and produce  comprehensive incident and event reports using our powerful and flexible report generation and business intelligence reporting.

Cloud Analytics

Using advanced AI algorithms, snapshots from SECUTRAQ Devices can be processed (optional) for facial Collection and Recognition and also License Plate Recognition and Vehicle Identification.

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