Video Surveillance
and AI Video Analytics
in the Cloud

Empower Your Cameras

SecuVue is an enterprise grade cloud security camera system which was designed for the cloud at the outset. With complete management in the cloud and web browser viewing, it consolidates all the cameras in your security camera estate into one place. You can add an analog or IP camera at any time and select how long you keep your recordings in the cloud at any time.

SecuVue makes all your cameras intelligent

Camera to Cloud

Link your surveillance cameras to the cloud in a sensible manner. We take care of all the hard work to manage bandwidth availability/usage and your control room staff only need to deal with exceptions based on your business rules. Turn surveillance cameras into intelligent sources of information.

Surveillance in the Cloud

Do your surveillance from anywhere in the world. The SecuVue platform considerably reduce bandwidth requirements and can cater for exception based surveillance linked to your own business rules.

Analytics from any Camera

It is no longer a requirement for companies to invest in high-end cameras in order to do analytics. The SecuVue solution can therefore protect your current investment in cameras and collect valuable business intelligence information for analytics in the cloud.

Cloud Managed Video Recorder and Cloud Bridge

A single SecuVue processor can support anything from 1 up to 100 cameras. The SecuVue Cloud Bridge does not have any disk storage, however users can install 32GB and 64GB SD Card options to be used in remote areas with harsh weather conditions.

SecuVue Cloud Managed Video Recorders can be configured with single or NAS storage. Several SecuVue CMVR units can be clustered together to link up to 256 cameras managed as a single control unit on shared NAS storage resource in a cost-effective way.


– Recording on local storage in full HD or merely act as a bridge between cameras and the cloud
– Send snapshots (and not footage) to the cloud in a lower resolution to save time and bandwidth
– Exceptions only options (E.g. footage based on movement detection within defined user defined region only)

Future Proof CCTV Camera Investment Protection

With an open platform with extensive and secure configuration in the cloud and integration APIs that make it easy to integrate with SecuVue, we remain to be brand and technology agnostic. This ensures that current and future investments in CCTV technology are protected by being able to use a single platform.

Footage and Events Stored in a Virtual Vault in the Cloud

The footage and event details collected by the SecuVue Bridge or Cloud Managed NVR on site, are encrypted, uploaded and securly stored in the SecuVue Virtual Vault.

Authorized users can securely upload encrypted and watermarked footage remotely which alleviates the need to go to a site to collect footage from an on-site NVR/DVR.

User Access From Anywhere

Administrators and monitoring staff log into SecuVue Cloud using a browser from anywhere in the world. With a few clicks new cameras can be added, business rules applicable to a camera and site and rules around notifications can be managed.

Intrusion Detection

As soon as an object moves into a defined area, an event is generated which can be processed according to situational demands and business rules defined by the user.

Scene Analysis

Depending on the scenario, the Scene Analyzer can for instance detect what objects is currently in the frame.

Notification Management

Convenient automated alerts with a high-performance messaging library to ensure that the right people are informed at the right time.

Multiple IP Camera Channels

SecuVue can handle and manage several camera streams per server without compromising speed or accuracy. It is designed to manage exceptions but also caters for continuous streaming for real-time surveillance.

People Counting

As soon as a person has passed a virtually definable region or line, it will automatically be counted. The counting is performed directional (Two directions per line). Counting lines can be formed and oriented individually thus enabling not only the counting in passages but also for regions.

Emotion, Age, Gender

Automatic recognition and analysis of facial expressions assist to detect changes in client emotions in different environments. Linked to age estimation and gender detection, this can assist organisations with understanding their audience (clients/staff/patients etc) better.

Activity Heatmaps

To make optimal use of available sales or exhibition areas, frequently used paths or areas as well as the popularity of certain products can be made visible through real-time visualisation and automatically generated statistics.

Facial Collection and Recognition

SecuVue is a universal facial recognition technology which brings an unprecedented number of facial recognition and biometric features into a ready-to-deploy solution. Leveraging our unique facial recognition algorithm, SecuVue dramatically shortens the time-to-market for complex security and surveillance solutions. Actions remain recognisable and unnecessary intrusion into personal privacy is prevented without compromising security.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

With SecuVue one can use ordinary cameras in low traffic environment and LPR-enabled cameras for high volume traffic environments to perform ANPR and check numbers against a watchlist database. SecuVue is also integrated with the National database of wanted and suspect vehicles.

Watch List Management

Easy-to-configure watchlist management with automated notifications when a person or vehicle “of interest” is identified by the SecuVue platform.


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