SecuVue Makes all your cameras intelligent

Cloud Bridge

SecuVue Cloud Bridge is a revolutionary concept of bringing intelligence and analytics to ordinary low cost cameras at an affordable price and using low bandwidth.

Intruder Detection

Turn your existing cameras used for surveillance during business hours into intruder detection with visual verification after business hours. 

Front of ATM Surveillance

Ideal for resolving transaction disputes, identifying persons of interest, shoulder surfing, vandalism, loitering. 

Facial Recognition

Facial collection and recognition is performed in the SecuVue cloud from images collected from ordinary cameras with no facial recognition capabilities. Being cloud based, it can identify persons of interest from anywhere in the world and on any/all sites linked to SecuVue Cloud.

License Plate Recognition

The SecuVue LPR is ideal for vehicle access and traffic control. It identifies each vehicle’s license plate, make, model, body type and colour.

People Counting

No need for expensive cameras or external services to gather valuable Business Intelligence – merely turn on this feature in the SecuVue cloud for the camera linked to the SecuVue Cloud Bridge.

Activity Heatmaps

Advanced analysis of Activity Heatmaps form images collected for user-defined regions from any camera linked to the SecuVue Cloud Bridge.

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