Intrusion Detection

With 100% success rate for more than 10 years it is the most

successful Intruder Detection system available today

We remove uncertainties
around intrusions

What is the VV

The Secutel Visual Verifier forms the core of our overall solution and offers capabilities for the detection and verification of validity of intrusions and physical attacks, in areas where high-value losses can potentially occur in the organisation. Our modular wired intrusion detection system with ground–breaking versatile image capturing and unequalled data communication capabilities make our solutions unique in the market.

The most successful Intruder Detection Panel in the market today. The industry leader in Visual Verification Technology.

Command Centre Software that works on exception based monitoring from anywhere in the world.

High volume messaging platform that guarantees secure delivery of data between devices in the field and control room.

African Conditions

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, we cater for the lack of bandwidth availability and stable power supply.

Our battery standby time can be up to 72 hours (depending on model) and full colour snapshots are delivered even in zero visibility.


Secutel offers an on-site swap-out warranty for the duration of the SLA or rental agreement – from 3 to 5 years. Thereby, we drastically reduce downtime and ensure sustainable business continuity with minimal disruption to your business.


Rental options of 3 or 5 years are available. It includes on-site swap-out warranty and fixed data costs. Therefore, budgeting for the future is simplistic as it is an operating expense (not Capex) and pre-defined for the period of the rental.

Work with exceptions only

With snapshot based Visual Verification linked to intelligent handling of triggers as the core of our solution, command centre operators only need to deal with exceptions. We remove the uncertainty around intrusion detection decisions.

Secure Efficient Data Comms

Ethernet and dual SIM cards with auto failover to best available option. Secure private APN’s and support for GPRS to 4G ensures connectivity in very remote areas as well as in metropolitan areas.

Remote Configuration

The days of technicians having to be on site to change zones or install new firmware or business rules are over. With Visual Verifier, all updates and configuration can be done remotely.

Flexible Business Rules

User defined business rules linked to each type of event and trigger, ensures that our solution is optimised for each client in accordance with their specific requirements, circumstances and expectations.

End-to-End Monitoring

Every trigger and event is date and time stamped. The use of heartbeats received from each unit every 5 minutes, Command Centre staff can monitor the health of devices and its peripherals as well as the network.

S.O.P. Management

User defined Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) linked to different events and triggers ensures that the command centre operators follow procedures as defined in risk mitigation strategies and policies.


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