Access Control

and Time & Attendance


Fingerprint Door Controllers

COSEC fingerprint door controllers are the front-end terminals that people use during entry and exit. Door controllers read user’s fingerprint to log each entry/exit and control door locking. Door controllers are connected with the COSEC CENTRA server or site controller. They store all user access information and send entry-exit details to the COSEC CENTRA server in real-time.

Palm Vein Door Controllers

COSEC DOOR PVR is a highly secure and contactless biometric device that reads the internal vascular pattern of the palm. These patterns are unique to each individual and exist underneath the skin layer, which cannot be forged thereby making it most secure compared to other biometric technology. To give accurate result, COSEC DOOR PVR uses fujitsu biometric palm vein scanner to provide utmost security and hygiene. This makes COSEC DOOR PVR more secure in comparison to other biometric devices.

Multispectral Fingerprint Door Controllers

Compared to the traditional biometric readers scanning a single layer of skin, multispectral biometric attendance system employs multi-layered reading. Matrix COSEC DOOR FMX is a high-performance door controller with multispectral sensor technology. It reads both – the surface and the subsurface of a finger producing more accurate image even when the finger surface features are difficult to read due to dirt, usage, age or tough environmental conditions. 

RFID Door Controllers

COSEC PATH DCCX is a series of compact front-end terminal device to record and control entries and exits through proximity and smart cards. Built with advanced features like IP65, PoE and compact design, it fulfills the timeattendance and access control requirements of organizations. It is a modular, scalable and feature-rich Time-Attendance and Access Control device.

Mobile App

Matrix COSEC APTA is a comprehensive, mobile based employee portal, allowing COSEC users to monitor and manage all their time-attendance and leave options. Employees and managers can easily access their time-attendance information and perform related tasks remotely, reducing significant amount of time they spend on such issues

new release 

Biometric Face Recognition: a New Age of Security in Access Control


Matrix COSEC presents an adaptive, modular, scalable and function-rich Access Control solution. It is designed to meet access control needs of any organization irrespective of its size, locations, layouts, and timings. In addition, a range of value-added features like Anti-Passback, 2-Person rule, First-In User, Blocked Users, Door Auto Re-lock, Guard Tour, Man-Trap and Smart Card based Identification ensures Fool-proof security of physical assets and safety of manpower.


Matrix Time-Attendance system is an automated attendance management software which records the attendance data of a user and generates various reports for the further actions. It not only saves administrative cost but also facilitates HR to centrally manage the attendance policies from multiple locations. Automatic calculation of overtime, leave balance, enables managers to work efficiently. Its standalone or network based operation is ideal for most enterprises.


Matrix COSEC Visitor Management is designed to address the concerns around manual systems in a very professional and systematic method without compromising security, hospitality or productivity. Matrix Visitor Management Module automates the entire process of registering a visitor, printing a pass and capturing detailed information in a few seconds.


Matrix provides an automated canteen management system, starting from placing an order to delivery and including payments. Cafeteria Management allows an administrator to create up to 255 menu items for accommodating different types of food items offered in the canteen. This ultimately improves productivity and reduces wastage of food.


Modern enterprises rely on third party contractor offering skilled and unskilled workers. Traditional methods of managing multiple contractors and large workforce can expose the organisation to safety, legal and financial leakages. The Matrix solution is designed for large and small organisations to meet their demand of skilled manpower supply and helps in monitoring the contract workers. 


Matrix COSEC Job and Project Costing Module (JPC) is designed to accommodate the whole life cycle of a job. It manages all the phases involved in a particular job. The module accurately monitors man-hours dedicated on a particular project/phase in real-time, generates reports, and assigns multiple jobs to an individual easily.


To significantly improve field operation, managing and analysing your team deployed in the field is a key task. Whether it is logistics, hospitality, construction or retail industries, it is essential to have effective communication with workers to keep morale up and helps in better planning of field employees. With the traditional system, it becomes a herculean task to manage remote employees. Matrix COSEC Field Visit Management is a comprehensive web based field employee’s portal. It involves management of field employee’s activities. It allows management of Field Tasks done by employees under various Field Schedules. It provides live tracking of field employee schedules via reports with real-time notifications on exceptions.


Rapid growth of industrialisation has caused a boost in the number of employees working in an organisation. Thus, handling employee queries on leave management and over time becomes a cumbersome task for the HR department. Matrix COSEC ESS is a comprehensive web based employee portal allowing users to monitor and manage all their time-attendance and leave options. Employees can check their entitlements to have access to ever changing work information. Using ESS, the employees can view a variety of information including attendance summary, punch events, attendance details, leave balance, holiday and work schedules. Additionally, reporting officer can approve or reject leave and tour applications, authorise attendance and plan work schedules of his subordinates.

why matrix

Established in 1991, Matrix is a leader in Security and Telecom solutions for modern businesses and enterprises. As an innovative, technology driven and customer focused organisation, Matrix is committed to keeping pace with the revolutions in the Security and Telecom industries. With around 40% of its human resources dedicated to the development of new products, Matrix has launched cutting-edge products. These solutions are feature-rich, reliable and conform to international standards. Having global footprints in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa through an extensive network of more than 2,500 channel partners, Matrix ensures that the products serve the needs of its customers faster and longer. Matrix has gained trust and admiration of customers representing the entire spectrum of industries. Matrix has won many international awards for its innovative products.

Web based Time and Attendance Management Systems

Matrix COSEC CENTRA is an enterprise-grade, web enabled application server, which controls and manages the entire system from anywhere in the world, at any time. COSEC CENTRA is the heart of the entire COSEC solution and acts as a bridge between applications and the devices. On the devices side, it facilitates the configuration of devices and communicates with the site controllers and door controllers. This helps exchange events and commands to show them live on the monitor screen. On the application side, the PLATFORM supports enrolling new users and manages organization and user data.

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