First responder feature on mobile app

The SecuTraq mobile app provides the security workforce with technology that is reliable, secure and offers real-time data. This workforce management platform offers insight, visibility and actionable alerts.

Previously a security guard would press the panic button, sending a signal to the control room, which the control room operator would ‘action’ according to his SOP for such events or triggers. With the new first responder feature, the nearest guard or first responder will receive the panic simultaneously with the control room operator, when the security guard in distress presses the panic button. The members belonging to the same group as the guard in distress will be able to track the guard in real time, assist in case of emergencies and view the photos that were taken at the scene. The groups and rules can be set up according to your specific preference.

Product features

• Real-time tracking: track your workforce with GPS tracking.

• GSM communication: for data and voice. (supports GPRS).

• Camera: for photos and video clips, that are sent to the other group members and control room.

• Panic button: for handling distress situations.

• Real-time data communication: with the control room operator.

• Cloud storage: photos, videos and events are stored securely in the cloud.

• Monitor: patrol routes.

• Detect out of authorised zones.

The following factors are recorded during a panic event: time alerted, two snapshots, latitude/longitude coordinates, time responded, time it took the first responder to arrive, time spent with the guard, time departed from the scene and other related special notifications. The app enables the control room to make informed decisions and to control emergencies far better than any radio-based system which cannot give visuals and sound of the scene.

ICT Summit

Secutel Technologies was at the ICT summit in East London. The Annual ICT Summit is designed as a tool for business development opportunities through matchmaking sessions as well as to create a platform to discuss topical ICT issues, trends and innovative ideas. The Summit has succeeded in achieving this for ten consecutive years in the Eastern Cape.

Secutel partners with AxxonSoft

Secutel Technologies has announced it is now an approved technology partner and distributor of AxxonSoft in South Africa. Secutel was founded in 2006 and has been successful in the local physical security technology market over the past decade, specifically in the banking and security service sectors. Secutel is also known for its locally designed and manufactured Visual Verifier product, an intrusion detection product that offers clients the opportunity to instantly visually verify potential intrusions using snapshots. The company has nine service centres in seven provinces throughout South Africa.

Founded in 2003, AxxonSoft is a developer of smart integrated security and video surveillance systems. The AxxonSoft VMS and PSIM platforms power more than 240 safe city municipal surveillance projects and security systems at retailers, banks, international airports, seaports, industrial sites and numerous government and business facilities around the world. According to Secutel, this fits well within its planned expansion with focus on enterprise-wide solutions. AxxonSoft is a contributing member of the ONVIF forum and offers an integrations list for every customer’s needs, which includes 10 000+ devices.

Among VMS vendors, AxxonSoft is one of the pioneers in Forensic Search technologies for recorded video. Forensic Search tools greatly reduce the time you spend searching for incidents recorded in the video archive. All the user has to do is enter the parameters for an event of interest – for example, upload a photo of a person, enter a licence plate number or the size and colour of an object – and AxxonSoft analytics will find all video recordings containing said information in a matter of seconds.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise is an open platform for physical security information management that supports integrated security systems of any level of complexity. The Intellect PSIM integrates with over 80 access control, perimeter protection, fire and security alarm systems from numerous manufacturers.

Considering the recent entry of Secutel Technologies into the video management and analytics market, the company felt that Axxonsoft would be the perfect partners to offer clients forward-thinking integrated security solutions. According to Secutel, this partnership with Axxonsoft provides exciting opportunities to bring innovative, diversified experiences to the South African market.

Secutel at IFSEC South East Asia

IFSEC South East Asia took place at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre, Bangkok from 25 – 27 October 2018, IFSEC Southeast Asia attracted Thailand’s and Southeast Asia’s security, fire and safety buying chain under one roof.

With the strong support from the Royal Thai Police (RTP) , Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), the three day event gave the exhibitors access to the decision makers, c-levels, specifiers, system integrators, distributors, and other.

Secutel Technologies was represented at IFSEC, Bangkok – in partnership with Hauz Enterprize.

HAUZ Enterprise is a security integration company that provides software & hardware solutions to security companies. Implementing state-of-the art security software.

Intelligent surveillance in the cloud

Remote surveillance made easy with cloud-based technology.

The world of security has changed drastically over the past few years, including developments in networking, security camera systems, surveillance software and Cloud computing. We are entering an era where billions of devices will be able to collect and transmit data via the Internet.

 Cloud-based computing has touched just about every industry and it will continue to reshape the security and surveillance sector. Security can now be offered as a service that is managed remotely, freeing up human and capital resources, with a focus on improving productivity and efficiency, generating a return on investment.

 SecuVue from Secutel Technologies allows virtually any business to monitor their offices, warehouses, plants or stores remotely, from any part of the world, as long as they have an Internet connection. The SecuVue Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) and Cloud Bridge bring intelligence to most cameras that are already installed.

 A single SecuVue CVR can support anything from 1 to 16 cameras on a single unit in a cost-effective way. Or you can link the SecuVue CVR to your existing NVR or DVR and select the cameras which should be linked to the SecuVue cloud-based video management system.

 SecuVue can handle and manage several camera streams per server without compromising speed or accuracy. It is designed to manage exceptions only, but also caters for continuous streaming for real-time surveillance.

 The system takes care of the hard work of managing bandwidth availability and usage. Control room staff only need to deal with exceptions, based on each user’s business rules.

 There are a few storage options to choose from, based on what each company’s requirements are:

• Local storage, record on local storage (up to 12 TB per CVR) in full HD.

• Bridge, the SecuVue can act as a bridge between the cameras and the Cloud.

• Cloud storage sends snapshots (not footage) to the cloud in a low resolution to save time and bandwidth.

• Exception only, e.g. footage based on movement detection only.

It is no longer a requirement for companies to invest in high-end cameras to do video analytics. The SecuVue platform enables standard

cameras to have access to analytics, such as: facial collection and recognition, people counting, activity heatmaps, scene analysis, intrusion

detection etc.

Proxyclick visitor management

Secutel Technologies installed a Proxyclick Visitor Management System (VMS) at one of South Africa’s biggest mobile telecommunications companies’ head office in Johannesburg. This multinational mobile telecommunications company selected Proxyclick as the preferred visitor management system after evaluating several potential solutions. With the Proxyclick check-in, visitors get a personalised welcome into the establishment using one of the five iPad Proxyclick kiosks, linked to employees and their calendars.

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