Smart Technology has made it easier for local authorities to meet public needs and to ensure operational honesty, safety for citizens, and the security of the city’s key assets and regions.

Detect And Respond To Security Threats

One of the primary security challenges local authorities face, is the inability to monitor key city infrastructure in real time. This gap in surveillance leaves critical assets vulnerable to threats and compromises overall public safety. Additionally, prompt responses to accurate crime activities are hindered by the lack of real-time triggers and insufficient resources for gathering data from crime events.

To address these challenges, Secutel Technologies proposes an innovative solution that combines the SecuVue Cloud Managed Video Recorder (CMVR) and SecuVue Cloud Managed Bridge (CMB) product range. By integrating advanced AI analytics into existing IP and CCTV cameras, this solution enhances the ability to detect and respond to security threats in real-time. Features such as scene analysis, human pose detection, license plate recognition, and facial recognition empower authorities to proactively identify and mitigate potential risks.

Ensuring the safety
and well-being of citizens

Furthermore, the integration with Secutel Technologies’ Visual Verifier (VV) intrusion detection solution adds another layer of security to the city’s defence infrastructure. The Visual Verifier, proudly 100% South African, offers unparalleled effectiveness in detecting intrusions and ensuring swift response. Designed with low bandwidth and power usage in mind, the system is tailored to meet the unique challenges of urban environments.

By embracing these innovative solutions, cities can transform their security infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring the safety and well-being of their citizens. With real-time monitoring, advanced analytics, and
seamless integration capabilities, smart technology plays a crucial role in building a safer and more secure urban environment for all.

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