Boost your retail business with SecuVue’s cloud-based system! Experience improved ROI and optimized security resources while eliminating costly reinstallation. Enjoy remote configuration and transform unintelligent cameras into intelligent ones without extra installation fees. Upgrade to SecuVue for better results today!

Advanced Analytics & AI Solutions

Elevate Your Retail Operations with Secutel’s Advanced Analytics and AI Solutions. Our tailored capabilities, including event-driven surveillance, facial collection and recognition, intrusion detection, and powerful video content analysis features like scene analysis and activity heat maps, are designed to meet your specific needs.

Efficient Bandwidth

SecuVue tackles bandwidth concerns with its efficient low bandwidth snapshot capability, reducing deployment costs. By performing CCTV analytics on a frame-by-frame basis, it eliminates the need for on-site servers and extra fees, minimizing bandwidth limitations. Offering reliable communication redundancy options for secure transmissions when needed.

Our facial collection and recognition capabilities provide valuable insights into customer
behavior and enhance security by identifying “Persons of Interest”. The business intelligence and analytics features optimize store layouts, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. The operational management tools and license plate recognition capabilities also enable proactive security infrastructure management and vehicle monitoring for enhanced security measures.

Integrate with existing
surveillance equipment

Secutel’s solutions seamlessly integrate with existing surveillance equipment, offering a bridge between the CCTV architecture and the cloud using the SecuVue Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) and Cloud Video Bridge. The SecuVue CVR can replace or link with legacy NVRs, XVRs, or DVRs, supporting over 100 cameras per unit for cost-effective cloud-based management of CCTV footage.

Improving operational issues for retailers

Enhance Operations with SecuVue CVR: Remotely monitor warehouses and stores worldwide using SecuVue’s cloud-based system. Seamlessly integrate SecuVue CVR with for centralized security data storage and management. Stay connected and access real-time maintenance reports from anywhere, while exporting event data for data analysis and operational improvements.

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