Integrated Security Solutions for Banking

The integration of keyless access control, utilizing mobile phone authentication, and leveraging the virtual key, is no longer a novel concept. However, the logical decision for banks lies in the complete integration of access control with their camera and security alarm systems.

Remotely manage and monitor access to restricted areas for:

The cloud platform facilitates remote management of access rights, enabling instant granting or revoking of permissions. Authentication and virtual key functionality are conveniently provided through the user-friendly NOKEY mobile App. Which supports fingerprint or face authentication, with added PIN authentication on the mobile device for extra security measures.


To ensure security, Two Factor Authentication controls access to the cloud platform and can be seamlessly integrated with the bank’s corporate Single Sign-On (SSO) system. Additionally, secure Bluetooth communication is established between the NOKEY Access Point and the user’s mobile phone. The system continuously monitors the status of doors and locks, promptly notifying any potential security risks based on pre-configured business rules.

Moreover, compatibility with most electronic locks allows for seamless integration. Visual evidence of entries and exits can be efficiently captured through integration with Secutel’s Visual Verifier systems.


  • Custodian and CIT schedules can be defined for specific routes and sites.
  • Panic function allows bank staff and custodians to trigger an alarm event in the monitoring control room.
  • Link the NOKEY controller to Secutel’s Visual Verifier or Site Controller and immediate snapshots/events will be sent to the control room when an event is generated.
  • Inter-locking can be set up for groups of locks. For example, an ATM cubicle access door needs to be closed and locked before the ATM safe door can be unlocked.
  • Visual evidence of entries and exits can be set up through integration with Secutel’s Visual Verifier.
  • Limit access to high-risk areas protected by an Anti-Hostage Door (AHD) to only allow access to one person at a time.
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