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Front-of-ATM Surveillance

Monitor ATM vandalism, transaction disputes, shoulder surfing and other activities in front 0f ATMs.

Protect your Cash in the Vaults

Detect potential intrusions based on movement, sound and vibration. Verify through the use of highly efficient snapshots processed and transmitted to the control room in milliseconds.

Control Access to Facilities

Use of iTags or biometrics such as fingerprint and facial recognition will only allow entry by authorised staff at authorised times.

Mitigate Risks associated with cash

By dealing with exceptions only and being able to visually verifiy potential intrusions, control room operators are empowered to make better and informed decisions on what action should be taken.

Monitor Custodian Behaviour

Use surveillance inside the ATM cubicle while custodians are servicing ATMs and report on and view exceptions based on business rules.

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