Unlock a new era in the workforce management with the SecuTraq platform.

Seamlessly integrate with the SecuTraq App on smartphones and tap into robust Cloud analytics, complete with privacy-ensured facial recognition to spot individuals of interest. Empower your control room with dynamic insights, supercharging productivity and elevating performance for guarding service providers.

More Features

Synchronize guard tour operations in real-time with time & attendance scheduling, ensuring accurate data for audits. Effortlessly plan routes using virtual waypoints, and define sites and geo-fences to manage arrivals and absences. Establish SOPs with event escalations and monitor device health status remotely. Enable first responding for emergencies and track guards in real-time. Enjoy secure Cloud storage for photos, videos, and events. Utilize facial & LPR recognition for enhanced security, and communicate effortlessly with Push-to-Talk. Request remote snapshots instantly for real-time insights.

Elevate your security game with the SecuTraq platform and stay ahead of potential risks. Receive a comprehensive range of critical alerts including Geo-fence In/Out, Guard Route Deviations, No Motion, and Motion faster than defined speed. Stay in control with notifications for Low Battery, GSM Signal Loss, No-Comms, Panic Button Pressed, Late Reporting for Duty, and Early Site Abscondment.

With SecuTraq, you’re always in the know, ensuring a proactive and secure environment for your operations.

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