Our Banking Suite is a digital video security system custom-designed for ATM networks, which integrates video surveillance modules with your existing ATM transaction system. Our software monitors cameras and other sensors to reduce instances of fraud and vandalism by watching for signs of suspicious behavior. 


Axxon Retail Suite uses one or more cameras to continuously record a cashier’s workspace, and combines this information with point-of-sale transaction data to prevent fraud or theft by the cashier or customer. Use Axxon Enterprise’s sophisticated search options to quickly view any time frame, transaction, or customer. Or, go live to see what is happening at a cashier’s workspace at any time. Any video image can be zoomed, panned, or printed so you see exactly what’s going on. The result? Axxon Retail Solution helps you to identify and prevent unauthorized alterations, substitutions, cancellations, and forgeries.

Homeland Security

Reduce vehicle theft, residential and commercial burglary, and vandalism. Automatically identify persons of interest at border crossings, airports or train stations. Protect schools and other public buildings from intrusion and natural disaster. Monitor and prevent problems with water, gas and electricity systems. Homeland Security Suite gives your police force, transit authorities, emergency response services and city workers the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.


Axxon Traffic Control Suite integrates video surveillance modules with intelligent transport and traffic detectors, as well as car and railway car license plate recognition. Whether you’re monitoring a thoroughfare, parking lot, or railway, automatic license plate recognition ensures that only authorized cars are permitted — or that hijacked or stolen cars are identified and the authorities are notified. 


Technology Solutions that meet the ever-changing challenges of physical security


Matrix COSEC is an adaptive, modular, scalable and function rich solution designed for large, medium and small enterprises encompassing up to one million users and 65,000 entry points scattered across 1,000 locations.


Matrix SATATYA Video Management Software integrates with the Matrix COSEC Access Control and Time & Attendance products and also provides Intelligent Video Analytics to mitigate the day-to-day complex processes. Motion Detection, Intrusion Detection, Trip Wire, Loitering, Parking Management, Tailgating and License Plate Recognition.


SecuVue offers the opportunuty to turn existing IP and Analog cameras into intelligent footage collection devices.  Analytics catered for include Facial recognition, License Plate Recognition (with privacy protection to comply with GDPR and POPI) , Line Crossing, Scene Analysis, People Counting, Watch List management (i.e. persons of interest) and detailed activity heat map analysis.


The Secutel VISUAL products are specifically designed and developed for detection and verification of potential intrusions into client premises using visual verification (snapshots) as a basis. This solution comprises of an alarm panel with cameras and passives, high volume messaging platform, easy business rules definition in the cloud and integration of triggers and events to the monitoring platform.


Axxon Intellect Enterprise has built-in intelligent video and audio analytics to recognize events as they occur, and the ability to respond appropriately. Axxon Intellect provides the option of automatic and automated administration of security systems, including through user-defined scripts for reactions to events.


Axxon Intellect Enterprise is a remarkably advanced distributed physical security information management (PSIM) software platform that combines intelligent video analytics, universal IP connectivity and event-driven automation capabilities in a single environment.


A video surveillance system that combines innovative technologies and experience with deployment at tens of thousands of sites. A balanced product that can meet the needs of any project, whatever the scale or complexity.


Live Dashboard for tracking of guard movements, events and triggers. Incident Reporting through management of exceptions. GPS for tracking of all guards on duty. Geo Fencing for control of guard movement. Checkpoint Route Planning and Scheduling. Time Keeping and Attendance monitoring. Snapshots for visual verification of suspect activities or incidents. Protected Voice Communication with the guard. Snapshots can be requested be requested remotely by the Control Room


Matrix Time-Attendance system is an automated attendance management software which records the attendance data of a user and generates various reports for the further actions. It not only saves administrative cost but also facilitates HR to centrally manage the attendance policies from multiple locations.

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