Secutel achieves a multitude of benefits that greatly enhance security monitoring and management, with seamless product integration.

Front-end Monitoring

Combining SecuVue and Secutraq – two powerful security systems that work in perfect harmony. Seamlessly integrated through API, SecuVue’s configuration platform offers advanced features such as line tripping, facial recognition, pose detection, XFS and so much more.
Meanwhile, Secutraq’s front-end monitoring software instantly reports any events that occur. Together, they form an unbeatable team for complete security management.

Our integration between NoKey and Visual Monitor offers even more benefits, allowing for efficient and prompt security management. Visual Messenger, our middleware, sends messages to the listener the program, triggering events on the VV simultaneously.

This integration ensures that clients receive optimal security solutions and services, making Secutel the preferred choice for security

Efficient Communication

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